Coventry Press Ltd.

Genres, word count?  What do I do now? 


NOTE:  Coventry Press Ltd. is not accepting submissions at this time. Please check back.

All authors are invited to submit their work, including unrepresented authors, and new unpublished authors. We ask you to review our requirements carefully. We only accept electronically submitted manuscripts - no snail mail! Like the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. Make sure your work is edited and polished to the point of being painfulA query letter and a short synopsis is required, along with the first three chapters of your story. See Submission Format below for more specific information.

Please expect a six to eight week turnaround on your submission. If you have not heard back from us in that time, please send us an email. Spam folders can be very temperamental. Unlike other publishers, we will accept previously published works, but only if the author can prove exclusive rights.Coventry Press Ltd. will never charge authors to publish their books.

Manuscript Length:
Your manuscript should be long enough to tell an engaging story, but short enough to be void of all know, the stuff that sounds good, but does nothing to move the story forward. Word count is important, but shouldn't be your main objective. All that matter is the pace of your story and that it keeps the reader reading...after all, content is what really counts. Below are some general guidelines.Short Stories are 10,000 - 14,999. Novellas are 15,000 - 39,999. (In our industry, Young Adult and Teen Novels fall in this range.) Novels are 40,000 and up. Most novels fall between 40,000 and 100,000 words. Word count 5,000 or less would be considered a free read. Check Coventry's website for announcements and contests.We are currently not accepting adult manuscripts as we are concentrating on building our YA and Wildfire Teen lines, however, if you are over the age of nineteen and have a YA story you'd like us to consider, please follow the submission guidelines. YA and middle grade stories are always welcome. See note under what is acceptable below.

Submissions should be Times New Roman or Courier New 12pt.Single spaced.Indent paragraphs.No spaces between paragraphs. The margins should be 1" all the way around.The chapters should be titled Chapter One, etc...PLEASE INCLUDE EITHER A HEADER OR FOOTER NEXT TO PAGE NUMBERS! THANK YOU!

Submission Format:

We accept submissions in the following format. Please include your query letter and synopsis in the body of your email, as well as the first three chapters of your story in a Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rft) or PDF attachment to: The subject of your email should read: Submission: Book Title - Author Name.  If your work is between 10 and 20 thousand words, include the entire manuscript. 

Accepted Genres:
Fiction: Romantic Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Thriller, Horror, Dark Paranormal (shifters/vampires/demons), Light Paranormal (witches/fairies), Romantic Action/Adventure, Historical Romance, Steampunk, Fantasy and Science Fiction.
Adult Romantic Fiction 18+
Young Adult Fringe: Target audience is 16 - 18 years  
Teen: Target audience is 13 - 16 years. 
Middle-Grade: Target audience is 8 - 12 years

Non-Fiction: We are not accepting Non-Fiction at this time. 

Heat Levels:
Coventry Press Ltd. accepts different sexual heat levels for  different lines. Coventry Kids is middle grade and stories are sweet and sassy. Coventry teen is more exploratory, where the hero and heroine are plunged into conflicts involving peer pressure and their emerging sexuality. Coventry YA Fringe is for older teens. The genre is more explicit between the hero and heroine, with deeper internal and external conflict. Their issues are more complex and emotionally far-reaching. The heat level for a Coventry YA is usually up to just before the bedroom door closes, but our editors will review each YA submission, accordingly. We're looking for tasteful, not explicit...we leave that to the adult fiction.

Unacceptable Elements:
Bestiality (shape-shifters don't count), Necrophilia, Bodily Functions (golden showers, etc...), Incest, Sexual abuse of minors, consensual sex with minors, Rape (see paragraph below for more details). We don't want sexual violence in the story, especially in a romance. However, in the Adult or YA Fringe genres, some might be considered if it is in the background of the story, or a build-up toward something happening. Under no circumstances will we publish sexual abuse of minors.